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The Future

Better HAITI is a US-based non-profit organization founded by disciples of Haitian descent living abroad, who are part of the International Churches of Christ.


Better HAITI is inspired by the work of Nehemiah, who while in exile, took the initiative to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, in his homeland.  

The 2010 earthquake destroyed the building that the church in Port-au-Prince, Haiti used for its worship services.  The church currently meets under a gazebo on land that it owns.


The church in Port-au-Prince has taken many steps to rebuild. However, it currently lacks the necessary funds to build an adequate structure. Better HAITI’s initial project is to assist the church in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in building a first-rate multi-use meeting facility that will ultimately help the church to support itself. 

Unified we can make a difference!


Together we can Better HAITI !

L’Union fait la force

Wherever you live in the world, please join us in this great endeavor!

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