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Better HAITI’s first project is to assist the church in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in building a first-rate multi-use meeting facility that will help the church to support itself.

We named this project KOZEBEL (KoZepòl Pou Bati Edifis Legliz la).

Loosely translated this is "A Collective Effort To Build The Church" 

Below are pictures of the Port-au-Prince Church's current meeting facility.


Also shown are architectural renderings of the multi-use facility that we are trying to build.


We also have additional projects in the following areas: 

Helping the poor and needy in the church in partnership with HOPE World Wide Haiti

Education and Vocational Training in partnership with HOPE World Wide Haiti

However, our focus, at this time, is on helping our church in Port-au-Prince construct a venue that will serve the church and the community.

Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions.

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