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HAITI COVID-19 Prevention and Relief Efforts

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     From the official confirmation of the first two cases in Haiti on March 20th, Hope Worldwide-Haiti (H-WW-H) activated the emergency funds of the organization. They bought Clorox and installed local-made sinks in 20 different locations; the organization also provided food kits and cash to 100 households among the most vulnerable, which can last for one month. A stock of drugs and furniture (masks and gloves) have also been mobilized.

In the coming days, it will be very difficult for people relying on informal activities to continue to make a living and take care of their families’ basic needs.

     Water is very scarce inside the houses, and there are few public places available to wash hands. Hydro-alcoholic solution is strongly recommended where water and soap are not available. The demand for Hydro-alcoholic solution and masks is very high.

     Better Haiti has teamed-up with Hope Worldwide Haiti to reinforce H-WW-H’s capacity to implement activities that will help Haitians prevent the disease and cope with the adverse consequences. First, they will continue to provide hygienic kits (masks, hand sanitizers, soaps, and gloves), and basic food kits to those in needs. Second, under the direction of a Physician and Pharmacist who will train about 20 young workers, Hope intends to prepare 1000 bottles of 8-ounces of hydro-alcoholic solutions and 1000 face-masks. These products will be sold at the local markets, the proceeds of which will be used to buy more food kits to replenish the current stock and for the benefits of more vulnerable households in the community.

     Your donation will help Better Haiti support this Hope-Worldwide-Haiti’s initiative.

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